Retouching Services - Diane Schafer Photography

Professional Editing and Retouching Services. Take your everyday snapshot to a WOW professional looking portrait.

Color Correction Editing

$1.50 per image includes:

* Cropping/composition correction

* White balance/ Color correction

* Exposure enhancement

Color and Exposure Correction

Basic Retouching

$4.00 per image includes basic editing of color correction, white balance, cropping and includes:

* Removal of facial glare, smooth skin tones

* Stray hairs

* Skin Blemishes

* Whitening of teeth and eyes.

Basic Retouching

Complete Retouching Plus

$10.00 per image includes all the Basic above plus:

* Remove unwanted objects

* Take off 10 years, or 20 lbs... slim and trim

* Eye glass glare removal

* Background removal or addition

Complete Retouching Plus

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